A process to obtain paraffin hydrocarbons (liquid biohydrocarbons) from fats of natural origin and/or fat waste is effected in a coupled flow system, using atmospheric pressure, at elevated temperatures in the presence of heterophase catalysts in two steps so that, in the first step, the raw vegetable or animal fat waste or a natural fat other than waste is subjected to thermal processing in strictly defined conditions whereupon the product resulting from the first step is contacted, to cause hydrogenation of its olefin component, with a compressed pure hydrogen or a mixture of hydrogen and carbon oxide resulting from the selective decomposition of methanol. The products are useful as biofuels or biocomponents of liquid fuels applicable in the fuel and power industries.

As part of the Patent Plus project, an analysis was performed explaining why patent protection for the invention was required in 8 EU states + USA, the technology was evaluated, its commercialization paths were established and a patent application was filed for the invention under PCT (the national phase of the procedure is pending). Last March, a patent for the invention was granted by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

ICRI has developed a concept project and preliminary economic information about the process, concerning a pilot plant using 40 L/hr of feed. The process efficiency is 87%.

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